This means war–Movie review

After catching the trailer for this flick, I dropped in to Horsham Cinema on

Tuesday evening to check it out. I’m a sucker for scenes with great graphics and spy stuff so their Headquarters looked like my cup of tea and so it proved to be.

This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and you won’t burst a brain cell following the plot but I did laugh out loud several times and I enjoyed the obligatory car chase scenes. I have to fess up that seeing someone shot in the groin with a paintball gun is always going to make me laugh. My humour doesn’t have to be sophisticated.

The one thing I did struggle with though is Reese Witherspoon. I know a lot of folk like her work but to me she seems to lack something. In the end I thought the bloke she didn’t choose dodged a bullet.

But this is a minor complaint. The corny ending is entirely fitting for a flick that delivers exactly what it promised.

Looking for some light entertainment, some laughs, and spy fatalities without the gore? Check this one out.


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