Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy–Film review = Excellent

This flick finally opened in Horsham and being as it is based on a John Le Carre story, and starts Gary Oldman, I was keenly looking forward to it.


I was not disappointed. Modern movies, despite their excellent stunts and graphics, are generally quite pedestrian in their story telling. By that I mean the story is laid out and everyone knows where the story line is and is going.

This is NOT one of those flicks. This is the more traditional spy story where the audience has to stay focussed on the screen and get their brain working on what is actually happening. Something that you have to think about even after you have left the cinema.

The greatest thing about the plot is it is very believable and logical and the humans have their flaws. Gary Oldman is particularly watchable as his character moves from a reticent chap who lets others talk themselves into strife, to the man who springs the trap. With excellent cinematography you feel like you actually are back in the 70’s and facing the English depression as their Empire declines. It simply all fits together.

This is definitely not a Tom Cruise “as if” kind of flick but having said that, it has a few busy action scenes. It’s not fast paced though which is a help when trying to detect “whodunnit”..

If you like a good puzzle and appreciate a believable spy story, don’t miss this one.


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