Christopher Pyne tries to slag off Bob Carr and kicks an own goal

Lateline still ranks as the best Current Affairs program, even on the ABC and here is a good example of why. Emma Alberici has done her homework and not given young Christopher open slather. Pity more Journos don’t study their subject matter.

Here is a bit of the transcript.

EMMA ALBERICI: Let’s just pick up on a few of the claims you’ve made there. You say that none of the members of her party were good enough, but the truth of the matter is Bob Carr is exceptionally qualified for the position. You could say he has been preparing for it for more than 40 years. Most of the people in her party concede it was a good appointment, including Stephen Smith who has come out and said he welcomes the move?

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: Well Emma, Stephen Smith would say that, wouldn’t he? Quite frankly, Bob Carr is an intelligent bloke and he is decent company. He has no foreign policy experience and reading a book on the US Civil War at rugby doesn’t mean that you are a smart guy. It means you like reading US history.

EMMA ALBERICI: Hold on a minute there. Let me pick you up on that for a moment because, of course, he has got some overseas experience. He is certainly a well known figure on the international stage. He is the founding member of the US Australia Group. He was a member of Tony Blair’s International Climate Change Taskforce. He has received an award for his contribution to Australian-US relations. He is hardly unprepared for an international post?


But like a good pollie, Pyne snuck away from his ill considered comments and decided to attack Bob Carr’s term in government. Nice try buddy but Lateline viewers are more observant than the standard Current Affairs consumers. The lesson should be clear though. Stick to the Mickey Mouse wannabees and you should be fine. Don’t presume to run this drivel on Lateline.

For the full video clip and transcript click here.

Thanks for the “heads up” Jim.

And the photos.

Tony Abbott wondering what Christopher is talking about. (Couldn’t resist pinching this one coz usually it’s everyone wondering what Tony is on.)

Emma Alberici. One of the few true journalists kicking around Aussie politics these days.

Christopher and Bob Carr. (Bob didn’t have to lift a finger to score.)


14 thoughts on “Christopher Pyne tries to slag off Bob Carr and kicks an own goal

  1. Well it’s no surprise to find politician’s down under are no better/smarter than here in the UK. But it’s always satisfying to watch them get caught out like that!

    1. I liked the big deal over your pollies making expense claims they weren’t entitled to. Especially the one who said he wasn’t going to pay it back.

      That’s a special kind of pollie right there.

      I do appreciate the work load they have and I’d never put my hand up for the job, but the dills make it harder for the hard working ones.

      1. Yeah the expenses scandal was quite an epic own goal on their part. When the papers are reporting claims for duck houses, moat cleaning and even the watching of porn you know it’s going to cause quite a backlash.

        1. Didn’t see the moat cleaning. What a classic. Must have laughed the backsides off when putting the claim in.

          I liked the fact it was across all the parties.

          1. Yeah the moat cleaning was one of the most seized upon stories. The same guy apparently also claimed for a piano tuning, you’ve got to laugh. Although in fairness he did step down due to the furore. Which is a little more honourable than many of them.

            1. Thank you kindly for the link,

              On the positive side these events give a bit more insight into politics and I value the experience. We just had a public blue in the Aussie Labor Party and it was very interesting to see a bit from behind the scenes.

              Some folk claim it was damaging (mainly the losers) but I think it humanized them to a fair degree.

  2. Emma is one of the best and most well informed journo’s around, and the ABC is probably the best platform for her to work from.

    1. You’re right about that GOF. The ABC is the best place for her to be. Paul Bonjourno should move across from Channel 10 so he can spread his wings. He seems like a smart enough cookie but he is wasted on a channel who think Andrew Bolt has any value.

      Sadly Radio National’s new format is seriously hamstrung though. It used to be straight information and smart questions but now it’s all about feedback and listener’s opinions. If I wanted that I’d listen to the whiners on ABC’s local radio. It seems to have a fleet of winging Poms on speed dial.

      1. I’ve been relentlessly sending emails to Aunty about how she’s stuffed up Radio National programming…..I can’t even find Margaret Throsby anymore and the new host of Life Matters is…..well….a poor substitute for Richard Aedy. I wonder what drove all the change for the sake of change this year.

        1. Do you ever get a response? My complaints (not rude I might add) to RN Breakfast do not get acknowledged. Considering they almost plead for Twitter and text messages, it seems like they are only interested in knee jerk opinions.

          Unfortunately Radio National has become a play thing for those who aspire to be media barons. Change for the sake of change is not uncommon in Government departments but to be fair big business has the same problem.

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