Another PC upgrade – success

Defeat has been admitted.

A rebuild has occurred. But not without even more knowledge being gained. Smile

Firstly, I discovered the local computer shop has an experienced gamer on the front desk and she is a tech head. This is a gold standard turn of events because I don’t know many local folk pushing the boundaries of their PC, and having a person who has played FPS’s in a corporate sponsored team is definitely at the pointy end.

A theory I had about black border around my monitor being caused by the HDMI cable was proven by borrowing a DVI to DVI cable. Pulled out the HDMI to DVI cable and popped in the new and instant solution.

Next came re-installing Win 7 in 32 bit mode. A startling difference. I moved the data off my biggest hard disk and then removed the other drives from the loop. The build was clean and the Gfx card worked like a dream.Updated the drivers and anti V but stayed right away from the Windows upgrades.

Went to play BF3 and got 10 seconds play and exactly the same error code in Event Viewer.

Bummer, but still very encouraging. So much more of the system was working as it should.

Time to use the 64 bit version of Win 7. Whatever the outcome, I’d end up with a clean version of Windows and I could take the card back for a different brand. I would also end up being able to use the full 8 Gig of Ram that the old version could not deal with. If there is one thing I hate it’s not being able to use all the tech available. (Skyrim designers take note)

As it turned out, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit was the clinching change. BF3 runs like a dream. In fact it is so responsive that I might have to wind down the mouse sensitivity. Compared to the PS3 version, it runs super fast and has much bigger maps and more vehicles. The environment is more sophisticated too. Instead of the flat water in the PS3 version, the swell rolls in and is incredibly immersive.

The plan from now on? Don’t pollute the Games machine with stuff like Office and other business apps. They can live happily on the laptop and take all the updates I trust to run. If I need to use the tower for some work related material, I’ll run off the other hard disks. The Games machine will only be running essential BF3 updates and Windows updates rated as critical for BF3.

I wasn’t totally out of options because a change of Gfx card was still to be tried, but I was running out of work arounds.

So thankyou Santa. Contemporary mobo knowledge gained. HDMI cable limitations discovered. The benefits of 64 bit Windows recognised. And most of all, a valuable technical resource discovered.

PC upgrade. Correct decision.


6 thoughts on “Another PC upgrade – success

  1. I agree: if you are able to, keep one computer strictly for gaming and another for “everything else.” My son used my PC for his games, and it didn’t make either of us happy. The video card was too slow, and I refused to replace my mouse with a joystick. When I finally got my computer back, I found the hard drive stacked thick with files of saved games and accessories. My son of course raised hell if I deleted any of these, so I ended up having to get an external drive for my own documents and files. HP didn’t build my particular computer for gaming anyway—I’d never recommend one, especially since the video card is just sad.

    Nice to see you got yours up and running. You’ll have to report back on how well you’ve scored now!

    1. I have seen a lot of unhappiness in families due to PC sharing. It’s a real hassle because gaming and business machines vary in their hardware. The Gamers are working with an under-powered card so they start trying to trick the system or overclock the processor. Then weird stuff starts happening.

      The disk space problem is a real issue too. Games are huge these days especially the most modern shooters.

      The scoring side in BF3 that I’m playing is an interesting issue. I tend to run around with a medic kit patching folk up or providing other support services. Some folk just want to shoot stuff and others just want to fly. It impresses me that the software is so complex that you can follow your own style. Sometimes it is quite insightful as to a persons character.

  2. What the hell language was that Pete?

    64 bit Win 7 HDMI DVI Gfx card antiV BF3 mobo knowledge.

    I sure hope Santa doesn’t find out what you’ve been up to.


    1. There is method in the madness, GOF. When I was struggling along an article like this would have saved me days.

      Now if someone uses the search term “chicken scratchings” while looking for BF3 help, they will be rewarded. 😉

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