Another Liberal amateur–Theresa Gambaro

The disarray in the Coalition parties doesn’t look to end any time soon in the lower levels if Ms Gambaro’s effort late last week is anything to go by. In a party that sorely needs some common sense, I was hoping that some of the “wanna be” new members might deepen the talent pool available to the Liberal Party but alas this last week doesn’t inspire confidence.

The idea was probably a good one. There is plenty of data to work with as far as immigration goes, but a modicum of intelligence is required if you have a point to make. In an effort that reminded my of the struggling Greg Hunt some years back, Ms Gambaro managed to put a silly point in her work that completely detracted from any other points she wanted to make.

The offending point which was immediately seized on by the Media? That migrants should be told to wear deodorant.

Haven’t I heard this before? Yes, I’m sure of it. In the school yard.

For the non-Aussie readers, I would like to point out that most of the Aussie population are migrants or their offspring, including Ms Gambaro herself, who’s own father migrated from Italy and worked as a fishmonger. This wouldn’t be so bad it the Libs didn’t have form on racial matters, but consider John Howard and the apology (or lack of) Kevin Andrew’s handling of the Haneef Affair, Bronny Bishop and the head scarves, the list goes on.

But most troubling of all in this sorry affair, is that Ms Gambaro seems to be regarded as a “talent” in the new membership. She holds a couple of shadow portfolios, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Settlement. Maybe she has skills in this area and maybe not. Clearly, hiding any valid points below inflammatory headlines is hardly in hers or the party’s interests and is surprisingly amateurish unless Greg Hunt is her sponsor.

There is some good news for the Libs though. Barnaby Joyce’s ambition to pump up grants to the local car industry has proven a bridge too far for his coalition partners. Finally we may see the Coalition return to being a fiscally responsible party. If they give Barnaby the heave how they might just end up facing in the same general direction. A bit of fiscal cred wouldn’t go astray.


2 thoughts on “Another Liberal amateur–Theresa Gambaro

    1. A “target rich environment” as the saying goes.

      Mirabella is another showing limited talent. Q and A has exposed her narrow view. Whereas Malcolm Turnbull can discuss things intelligently, Mirrabella gets locked into her dot points. In the Good Ol’ Days you could beat this problem, but these days the audience is too savvy.

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