Another PC upgrade–Thump head on desk Here.

Santa did me a big favour this year. An amount of $500 to spend as I wished. Thankyou Liz, I meant Santa.

The choice came down to either an iPad2 or bringing the old PC out of retirement and boosting it so it can run Battlefield 3. As it turned out the shops I most wanted to visit to help make the decision were shut so plenty of think time was available.


And the winner was – drum roll and the crash of cymbals – The PC upgrade.


In the end there were a couple of factors.


  • I’m not sure I’ll be invited back to the Corporate world after disagreeing with their appalling management technique. (Which was the main reason for getting an iPad. It’s best if you get some “hands on” with the new tech before the client does.)
  • I’ve been playing BF3 on the PS3 and it’s a cut down version of the PC software.
  • Upgrades are always a rich learning environment, so as painful as they can be, you can’t help to gain more knowledge even if you spring an ulcer in the process.
  • Having the tower back in the network gives me a test box so I can experiment with new techniques and break stuff without bugging anyone.

So how has it turned out?

In respect of the iPad2 it was a good idea. I’ll probably never get myself caught up in the HP environment again. If I do I’ll whip off the rose coloured glasses and document everything. Nuff said.

On the BF3 side of things though, I still have some hard yards to travel. Yes, the fun of selecting a quad core chip and mobo, installing the very sexy 2 sticks of RippJaws DDR3 Ram was great fun but the problems have mainly been generated by the impressive looking, but support flawed, 2Gig Radeon HD6950 from AMD.

When you start googling an error code and see hundreds of horror stories and see very little response from the Vendor, it’s time to start sweating. After 2 days of marginal improvements, I can now visit the battlefield for about 5 seconds then it’s a freeze out. And that is a big improvement. Comms is now sorted too.

The reason I am persisting is everyone I know has had to get technical to get themselves on line. If the gurus have to work at it then I’m really in for an education.

 Winking smile

Of course I can always resort to re-installing Windows but that is essentially saying I have been beaten by a support process that leaves a lot to be desired. If I’m not sorted by Saddy then it’s a rebuild. If it’s still a “no go” then I’m returning the gfx card for one that has a better support environment.


6 thoughts on “Another PC upgrade–Thump head on desk Here.

  1. Holy cow!
    Most of that was like me trying to read Arabic. But I “get” the general gist. I had to laugh at “Upgrades are a rich learning environment….even if you do spring an ulcer.”
    My new thumbscrew..I mean USB modem about sent me into a nervous breakdown, but I did run into many nice support folks in the fours days it took to get it all working. (I ordered a non-wifi, they sent me the wifi, so I had to decide send back for non-wifi or make my computer wifi compatible and allow sharing with my kids when they are home…went with wifi compatible and now all is awesome!)

    Best of luck from me, too..and please…no ulcers!

    “Googling error codes”…..shudder!

    1. The end result sounds like it was worth it Lauri. I’m anxious to get this done and dusted so I can increase the blog rate. I’m even behind in enjoying other blogs. 😦

    1. Me too GOF.

      I was somewhat surprised by the good rating.

      Now I must complete part 2 of the upgrade. I like happy endings. 🙂

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