Why I like Liz liking Kmart

Liz has been working at Horsham Kmart for a couple of years now and enjoying it more every year.

It suits her style.

Having a job where you are supposed to focus on the client is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to the school leavers, but of course no age group is exempt from getting the grizzles when it comes to going to work, and having an attitude that enjoys helping folk out is part of the answer.

There are daily examples of brightening shopper’s days but I’ll just quote one from yesterday. To set the scene, the Horsham store, like most of Kmart’s other outlets, is open until midnight for the last couple of weeks before Xmas. Not everyone wants to be out working near midnight but plenty of shoppers are using the extra hours to make Xmas shopping easier so it seems to be popular.

Now add the fact that the store has just been remodelled so shoppers are trying to find the new location for stuff they are looking for, and you can imagine stress levels are getting high.

This is where Liz fits in. Ever watchful, she noticed a pair of older ladies looking a bit impatient and somewhat lost. On approaching them they remarked that they loved the new store but “couldn’t find a couple of items”.

Liz’s reply was “Lets go shopping” and then led them to the particular areas until they had found everything they were looking for. The purchases were made and off they went.

Two more happy customers.

Sadly this approach doesn’t carry through the whole staff but I have to say a lot higher percentage of their staff are out there to solve your problems than I have noted in the big city stores. I guess it comes down to the greater friendliness you find in regional centres than in the busy city stores.

Living in Horsham? Correct decision. When folk have more time the niceness shines through.


6 thoughts on “Why I like Liz liking Kmart

  1. This is wonderful. Can I move to Horsham?
    I have to say that the last two years I have gone out with my daughter and daughter in law for the crazy holiday shopping (something I would never do on my own) and we have come across the nicest, most helpful people at the strangest hours of the day. Nothing makes the customers happier than happy staff.
    I am sure the staff has to deal with a whole lot of crap, but on the whole happy people help spread the good feelings! Nice post, Pete! And tell Liz thanks! 🙂

  2. Horsham is a great place, Lauri. It is far enough away from Melbourne that it stimulates folk creating their own entertainment. The local drama group is fabulous and there is high levels of participation in sport. Still large enough to score a Kmart though.

    When folk toot the horn here you look to see who is saying G’day.

    Liz approaches the grumpy ones by being extra nice. It often cracks open their facade of grumpiness. But not on the really hardcore folk of course.

    When our eldest daughter was posted to the local cop shop, one of the first things she had to do was accompany one of the sergeants down the street to leave a little note on unlocked vehicles telling them it was against the law. This after she had been working in a Melbourne station where a bloke had set fire to this missus in a petrol station just weeks before.

    What a contrast.

    1. She would be but in her words, “I want to be where the action is.” Now back in the big city and working the holiday period.

      It’s a big effort to forgo the usual holidays to minimise the damage. Cred to all the coppers out there.

  3. Well done Liz. As I get older I really appreciate special service from business houses, take note of it, and make a point of shopping there even if they are more expensive than opposition shops with grumpy staff.

    e.g. Bunnings…love ’em or hate ’em the greeting and service is fanbloodytastic, and a couple of smaller shops in Cairns have middle-aged women staff members who address all male customers, regardless of age, as “darling” or “love”. Nice touch. They’ve guaranteed my future custom.

    1. Some of the younguns come with the skill set but the ones who drag their feet and say “I’m bored” leave me frustrated. There is a good cure for boredom called doing a proper job.

      I shouldn’t complain though. It gives us oldies an edge when going for a job.

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