When Greens exploit children

Firstly, I’d like to say I make no apology for posting these heart breaking photos from the Christmas Island tragedy. It’s what is at risk with the current impasse for dealing with unaccompanied minors.


I know The Greens have been waiting a long time to get some sort of say in Aussie politics, aside from putting a guilt trip on the major parties, but recent events appear to have swept them up in a storm of possibilities and they seem to have lost their moral focus as they stretch for as much influence as they can get.


It’s understandable, and in fact Tony Abbott is another person inflicted with the same excitement bug.


In Tony’s case its just an example of every possibility being grasped in the event that it may be the killer punch. Of course this leads to him often reversing positions and then reversing them again as he tries to decide which one is the quicker path to power. If he would actually have a little lie down and think things through he would be doing much better in the Polls but that’s for him to discover.


With The Greens it’s a case of trying to eke every last concession out of Labor while still staying within the agreement but now they are trying to over-reach what is agreeable to Labor. It has also pushed them into a position where their much touted moral high ground has fallen away as they try for an open door policy, or something very close to it, for the so called Boat People.


There is no doubt their aim is for open slather when folk reach our shores but their problem is they have to abandon the children who are sent unaccompanied by their parents. I haven’t seen the Media really get stuck into this point but they should be looking at what the approach actually means. It’s basically the concept behind the human shield but done with very young children.


In this case I don’t see much difference between the people smugglers, the Greens, and various lawyers. All 3 parties are promoting folk sending their kids unaccompanied. The moral stances vary but the outcome is the same for the poor kids.


It remains to be seen what happens when the next boat sinks and kids are killed. Julia will blame Tony. Tony will say it’s terrible to exploit the situation and I guess the Greens will say we should have been flying them in. No matter what line they take though, both Abbott and the Greens will be morally responsible for allowing the status quo to continue. That’s not a problem for the desperate Abbott who can simply change his tune as per normal, but the Greens will be hard pressed to avoid losing some skin.


Another area where the Greens have lost their way is in understanding how Democracy works in this country. If you want to make changes and you are only a bit player in the overall scale of things, it’s a good idea to take the Voters along for the ride rather than simply grasp whatever you can wrangle out of the agreement.


Enthusiasm for their open door aims are not supported by the Voters except under very controlled conditions and if the Media start a campaign to attack it they will quickly lose the support they already have. Democracy is supposed to be “for the people” and enforcing a moral position the rest of us do not share is asking for retribution come the next Election.


If there is one thing the Voters really hate it’s being told what to do by pollies. Just because you presume to hold the moral high ground (if you don’t count the Kiddie Human Shields) doesn’t mean you automatically get to make the rules. It’s up to everyday Aussies to decide if they want to be generous or not and if you can’t take the majority of Voters with you then it’s time to come up with a kinder solution.


Julia’s solution is the only one to tackle unaccompanied children that has any chance of continued Voter support.


6 thoughts on “When Greens exploit children

      1. No kidding. How the heck can we stop these elected people from spending every stinking moment of their time worrying about getting reelected. Do.some.damn.good for crying out loud.

  1. Peter, this is awful, but I had no idea what the Christmas Island tragedy alluded to until I googled it. American news venues, whether for lack of money or just plain ostrich-headedness, never covered this story, or at least ran it on the back pages where no one here saw it.

    There’s a lot of backstory here that I need to follow up on. I know there’s been an inquest into the way the rescue was handled, but there isn’t that much online about the partisan issues going on behind this issue.

    1. I never heard anything about this here, HG. All I heard from from the Bloggers from Oz.
      It makes me sad to think we are so self centered. I know darn well we are.

  2. Unfortunately for the children we aren’t even close to getting a solution to this problem.

    On the Liberal side Tony Abbott sees it as a destabilising influence for internal Labor Party in-fighting and he is correct in this view. Moral behavior doesn’t enter into it.

    On the Greens side of it, they have the chance to break the way detainees are handled. They are correct too. If another boat sinks they could well get their way when folk get angry and knee jerk reactions come into force.

    For the parents, they pay for 1 fare and secure a place in the queue for the whole family.

    For the People Smugglers it’s simply a financial operation. The boats often get burned so they use their crappiest boats. In some cases they have taken legal action and had another financial reward for their behavior by being reimbursed for the cost of the boat. How counterproductive can it get?

    Meanwhile the risks are still being taken and judging by the condition of the boats that arrive, its odds on another tragedy will be visited on the kids who are sent unaccompanied.

    This must be another definition of that terrible term “tough love”.

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