Fear of the Lord? Let’s try Fear of the People.

Over the last couple of weeks 3 different groups have called on the Government to hold an enquiry into the behaviour of the Catholic Church in respect of sexual misbehaviour by their members and the Church’s handling of these problems. So far nothing has been announced which strikes me as a little odd seeing the pollies are jumping all over themselves to get involved in same sex  marriage debate.

Perhaps the seriousness of the issue is what is troubling them because the Mickey Mouse issue of same sex marriage is basically a victimless crime when compared to the disgraceful pressure children are placed under by these guardians of our morals.

In this respect our pollies are just as guilty as the Church in not addressing this serious problem and it’s high time the Voters got motivated and gave them all the bad news.

I was operating under the impression that George Pell and his team were actually making some effort to right the wrongs committed by these chaps but alas it has been just another manipulation from an organisation that has had it’s members jumping through hoops for centuries.

The process that is alleged to be assisting the victims has been running for 15 years and is managed by a QC but after all this time the process has supplied a grand Total of ZERO,

Yep this is not a misprint,

Zero offenders and quite a number of disgruntled victims.

An organisation that has a history of sexual abuse worldwide seems to have no victims in Oz. You will have to excuse me if you think I should be convinced. One of the most distressing things about this whole sorry approach is that victims are discouraged from taking a lawyer along and can find themselves face to face with their assailant.

The fact that the Roman Catholic Church has been lying about their concern for the victims brings into question what else they might have lied about. Do they still relocate offenders into situations where they have access to children? I’m sorry but George Pell’s word is nowhere near reliable enough to instil any sort of confidence.

I understand it’s hard for Christian Pollies to tease out the bad behaviour feeling it reflects badly on religion itself (which it does) but surely the well being of children is more important than protecting their Bishop mates from some embarrassment because they failed in their duty of care. The Bishop’s have had their chances and failed. They have also done immeasurably more damage to their God’s reputation by not dealing with the problem.

It’s time to relax the “fear of God” celebrated by the Church goers and try giving the Bishops a good case of “fear of people”. It’s high time the Pollies and the people got angry and demanded better. It should be the Christian thing to do.


4 thoughts on “Fear of the Lord? Let’s try Fear of the People.

  1. 100 percent agree with you, Peter.

    In a case of molestation in my family (not my immediate family thank goodness) I told the perpetrator that if he came near my children he would not have God to fear, but ME.

    1. Sorry to hear it was close Lauri.

      There has to be so many victims that eventually respect will have to be earned rather than the current situation where it is automatically granted to the Church as a whole.

  2. Interesting, Peter. In the US, where we supposedly separate church from state, the government has refused to touch the Catholic Church in regards to the many charges of molestation, partly because the cases are too old to prosecute, and partly because the feds think the victims will receive better results though private lawsuits. Many of them however are saying they feel bitter that they have to take matters into their own hands.

    I wish the Australian plaintiffs luck in pursuing justice. Interesting how the Church keeps pretending it didn’t happen while saying that it’s all in God’s hands.

    1. Our system is supposed to be separate too, HG, but sadly it is not. When ratbag religions can get away with child abuse it makes me realise the RCs will never be bought to account.

      This last week has seen uproar about an Anglican Bishop who was raped by several Priests when he was a child. After the complaint was made 4 years ago no action has been taken.

      I’ll be blogging about that event too when I get through the current time project.

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