Harry Potter the newest and last flick

When the last of the Harry Potter movies came out I was considering going to the midnight session but decided against it when I discovered a LOT of folk were planning to go. Then I realised there was still a good deal of interest so the numbers were still going to be high so I bided my time.

I was rewarded yesterday with a 10.20 (in the am) session time that meant it would be a child free screening so I bolted down to the cinema to take the chance. Mission accomplished with just a few viewers in and not an ankle biter in sight.


I’m pleased I waited too. Despite some “cool” critics bagging the series, the last movie really does justice to the book which is quite a rare thing to find. The on-screen action needs the big screen to make the most of it and I couldn’t help thinking the ride into Gringot’s would make a fabulous ride if it’s part of Harry Potter World (or whatever the place is called). Perhaps the plummeting to the floor might best be left out though.

The sets are magnificent with Gringot’s looking what Swiss Banks should look like and the battle scenes follow epic movies like Hero. The massed spell casting assault on Hogwarts especially reminded me of the arrow attacks from that epic flick. In fact quite a few scenes reminded me of other movies like 300 and Tomb Raider.

With such a strong cast it’s a real pleasure to watch and the story behind Professor Snape is a beaut. It almost gets lost in the action but that could be because I have listened to the audio book a couple of times so it wasn’t surprising third time around.

In closing I have to mention the take away bonus from the movie. I no longer have a junk room. I own a room of requirement. I’ll see how that goes with Liz.

If you are thinking of seeing the movie you should see it in the cinema to get the best visual value. I watched it in 2D but there is a 3D floating around. I may go again just to see if the rollercoaster ride feels like being there.


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