Only in the US of A

It never ceases to amaze me how some of the more bizarre events involving people seem to often come out of the US. I’m not the only one to notice either. I often hear the phrase “Only in America” preface another weird and wonderful story.

No doubt there are some evil folk attributing stuff to America that has occurred elsewhere but items like this next one are clearly US in origin and probably unashamedly claimed by those who’s religious fervour out weighs their common sense.

Check out the vexed question posed to the contestants in the Miss Universe competition. Now first of all I have to ask why they have departed from the “World Peace” attitude and exposed these young ladies to a question that can really have them struggling. Replying with hillbilly platitudes to cover their religious nonsense puts them straight into Sarah Palin territory and gives them a tough start if being in the public eye is part of their career choice.

Check it out here.


But another US feature that redeems things like this, is folk who use humour to belittle these embarrassing fundamentalist efforts.

Check out the response which was bought to my attention by Mad Tante and for which I am extremely grateful.


With a watchful group like this protecting the educational standards against religious clap trap, we may see the US remain in the upper levels of educated societies.

I hope so. It would be bizarre indeed to see the US drop back into the Dark Ages while newer Nations accelerate past them in the scientific arena.


7 thoughts on “Only in the US of A

  1. Wow. Really? Beauty pageant queens debating teaching evolution in schools?

    Let’s just let them discuss which eyeliner is the best. Which shampoo they use.

    The whole thing is a bit of a sad joke.

    I do love madtante’s clip!

  2. Wait, you’re judging the United States based on the answers of a bunch of beauty queens? Consider the source: the kind of woman who aspires to become a beauty pageant queen usually isn’t known for her IQ, though I was happy to note some of the contestants had a background in science or simply dismissed the question with a short answer—“Yes, evolution should be taught in the schools.”

    I also thought the “should math be taught in the schools” video was somewhat mean-spirited, making fun of Southern dialects and colloquial English. (Similar jokes have been made of black urban English, and they’re considered racist.) It’s been pointed out by historians and sociologists that people who feel shut out or threatened by progressive change and modernity often fall back on belief systems that seem laughable to us, but in a previous century were commonly held. Maybe because I was a former teacher, I feel sorry for these people, who don’t realize how they benefit from science and technological advancements. A lot of them were poorly educated in local schools and the damage isn’t so easily undone.

    I prefer Doonesbury’s perspective of the argument:

    1. It’s the age old problem, HG. The more bizarre aspects cop the attention while 100 good examples go without commentary. The Global Warming discussion suffers exactly this problem with the rat bags on either side pulled into the spotlight.

      There are 2 points I’d make here, the first being (and it’s in the original post) that this sort of question is unfair on the girls and tends to bring even more negative attention to the contest. A pretty bad decision on the part of the organisers.

      The second point is a defence for folk reacting to odd behaviors in the US. The rest of the world recognises the influence of America on peaceful co-existence and rightly fears the rise of the more wacky individuals like George W Bush who needlessly destabilised international relations. When other characters like Sarah Palin can seek the top job it seems like a pleasant face and folksy attitude is enough to give you the power to wage war based on religious fundamentalism. There seems to be little control of Presidents despite rules requiring Senate support.

      Thanks for the excellent Doonesbury. It makes a point much more directly.

      In the end I assume sanity will prevail and the rest of us gain from watching the US deal with this ignorance without having to do the heavy lifting ourselves. ;-).

  3. “Math is just theory and it’s not what the Bible tells us”

    Thanks for posting this video wisdom Pete but my 500mb monthly internet limit might be better spent looking at nekkid wimmen …..or indeed reading your entertaining commentary. 🙂

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