Lazy News construction

Are we getting soft in this country or simply returning to our roots?

I can’t help but notice it’s becoming popular in the Media to drag up a whiner for just about any decision or even non-decision that occurs in Oz these days. Be it someone arrested for misbehaviour, a Government decision, even compulsory voting, the Media seem to have a whiner on speed dial whatever the story.

Even entertainment programs on the TV inevitably have a FaceBook page where folk can whinge about who got dumped from the last contrived contest on Master Chef or Dancing’ . I guess it goes with the territory and in the case of FB pages I think it’s a good thing but in the mainstream media it is a different matter altogether.

On FB it is a consumer driven environment. It’s avoidable if you don’t like to read the endless complaints or available if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. In the Mainstream media and especially in News and Current Affairs, however, it is a whole new ball game. Folk seem disinclined to switch off the “box” and the subliminal message can ease through without proper consideration.

The end result is a background noise of discontent that can get folk down without really noticing how shallow the “information” is. A good example of this is making a return in the Media at the moment. The rise of Julia Gillard and fall of Kevin 07.

Historically political parties are led by whomever had the numbers the last time the party had a leadership vote and almost always is the result of a Leadership Challenge. It doesn’t matter which party and it doesn’t matter if you are on the Government of Opposition benches. It’s nearly always a challenge.

Why we get re-runs of old news is beyond me but I guess because Kevin 07 didn’t simply wander off like so many other deposed Leaders and he catches their eye, and lets face it, it’s way easier than actually thinking so it’s the path of least resistance.

Rudd has stuck around and in an important portfolio but the assumption that he wants a 2nd coming is a wee bit shallow in my view. Rudd loves the center stage and I will be surprised if he isn’t making a play for  something in the UN and maybe even the top job somewhere down the track.

What could be better? Plenty of photo ops and much better job security than the head of a political party. Pretty good wages I suspect and the UN is the Gold standard when it comes to getting your snout in the trough.

This idea doesn’t seem to have occurred in the Press and I think it comes down to laziness. It’s far easier to take a Tony Abbott press release than to actually think about the possibilities. Just like the disgraceful political buses employed by both major parties during election campaigns, it’s easier to be a sheep than make your own arrangements.

I notice these days it’s even up to the opposing political party to discredit their opponent than for the media to make a point. When Abbott makes a declaration about a “new” policy it’s then up to Gillard to point out it’s the same old policy he released last year. Heaven forbid a commentator should actually check Tony’s data. That would be too much like hard work.

How long will we be suffering this lower quality news? Maybe forever. If folk rely on newspapers like the Courier Mail for their Science news (see this destroyed here) then they probably even believe the political news too.

When folk buy the newspaper or watch the TV news without scepticism then there is no incentive for the media to lift it’s game. And even more frightening is that the perceived solution in papers like the Herald Sun is more celeb rubbish and low quality “journalism” from the likes of Andrew Bolt.

Give me a thought out and accurate story any day and leave the Press releases in the garbage where they belong. And what to do with the whingers? Get your collective arses over to FB where you can have a ready audience that I can either choose to embrace or ignore at my leisure.


2 thoughts on “Lazy News construction

  1. For someone who struggles to find much interest in politics I always find your assessments an interesting read. I don’t buy newspapers or watch television news so I guess I deliberately isolate myself from a lot of what goes on.
    At the moment I am disillusioned by leadership in both parties…as always it is about the next election and completely devoid of long-term vision.

  2. I think you are part of a growing trend, GOF. And with good reason.

    By my lights Julia Gillard is suffering in part due to taking the longer view and is getting punished for doing so. The art of Aussie politics is to make changes early in your first term while the Opposition is in a shambles. The next election will be based on whether the Libs can appeal to the baser instinct of “a tax cut” to Labors ability to sell the message of planning ahead.

    I think Julia is getting it right but can be undone by the less lights in Labor wanting to follow the Abbott approach.

    It will be interesting to watch but even more interesting if journalists lift their game and give a little more insight.

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