A new laptop

I’m currently struggling through a computer upgrade to a laptop and I must say that once the excitement over the new purchase wears off, it’s a lot of hard work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new unit ( an Acer Aspire 5742G ). It has an i3 chip and a very nice GFX card built in, but restoring your desktop takes time and little things keep popping up that I haven’t dealt with yet.

Firstly, out goes that horrible time waster Norton’s anti-virus shocker, and in goes some freebie anti-virus programs. Bewdy. Instant speed boost.

Then it’s time to get Chrome as the browser, Hootsuite for twitter, install Office 2010, and then start configuring.

Outlook. I love it to bits but it sure is high maintenance to get it just so. I like to add pics for the Contacts but I seem to have lost the contacts and the links from the old desktop PC. This has been complicated by adding a couple of extra mailboxes that I have been acquiring over the years so now I’m a bit lost about what went where.

The next trick was trying to get into the Windows Homegroup. The idea was to just slide things across once the boxes could see each other. Well that fell straight over. The Homegroup requires a password and I went to the unit that it was set up on. It gave me the password but sadly neither of the other 2 computers can get in with it. Weird. But having a nice 1 Tb drive I have simply used it to transfer data. I’m sure its easier than fiddling with weird Windows problems.

The next trick was attempting to install Xara ( an excellent package for designing web pages ). Did the download but the serial didn’t work. Yep. It’s a new version. A new investment is required but believe me this program is a snap at $50 US.

Time for a blog post. Bugger. Time to download Windows Live Writer. I’d forgotten I would need that. That’s down now and I’m writing this blog entry with this nice little program from MicroSoft.

So 3 days in to the new lappy and I still have miles to go to get things comfy. I guess it goes with the territory. Aside from the improved computing power though is the added bonus of a good data Spring Cleaning. Belting things into shape makes the next computer crash just that much easier to recover from.


16 thoughts on “A new laptop

  1. A Mac is sometime in your future — if you live long enough.

    (Or if you seriously think you’d miss the struggle, then Linux… Windows is a leech.)

    1. I have heard you can run Windows in some Macs so there is always a chance. 😉

      Been the Linux path and enjoyed the challenge but the interface eventually wore me down (along with the lack of experience).

    1. The first part of the process is easier these days but it’s the fine tuning that takes time.

      On the up side the Zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 are looking especially gruesome. They deserve to be eliminated.

      Never thought I’d enjoy a Zombie shooter.

  2. I share Lauri’s sentiments…I just hate it when a computer crashes and I have to install all the necessary stuff for safe internet browsing.
    Someone should blow up all the manufacturers of viruses and spam.

    Enjoy the new toy Peter.

    1. I certainly will, GOF.

      Some years back a friend of mine reckoned the antivirus companies write some of the virus programs. He made that comment on the strength of having a virus cleaner for a particular strain before it was released into the wild.

  3. My younger daughter recently got an iMac and loves it. From what I’ve seen, it’s terrific for people who work in graphic arts and photography. My older daughter and son-in-law however both switched to PCs after years of using Macs. They said the Macs were too expensive to replace, and for the things they wanted to do with a computer—write, send email, surf the net, play games—a PC was just fine. They also got massive amounts of memory in their desktops for what an iBook would have cost, so my SIL can play World of Warcraft all weekend, or until my daughter yells at him to get off his butt and do some chores. 😀

    I’m not looking forward to learning how to use the newer Word 2007 program or Windows 7, however. Everyone says they aren’t difficult to use, but I’m so comfortable with my old XP package, I don’t want to give up my old warhorse. Hope you enjoy zooming around in your new machine, peter!

    1. They are beautiful for graphics, HG, and if history had played out a little differently they would be cheaper. Nothing like clones to drive down prices.

      The newer version of Word is better but it is a bigger step from the previous version than I expected. Settling in time will be required.

      I am enjoying running faster hardware with a faster OS and faster software (Xara’s new version is lightening fast).

      Good luck when you finally make the jump.

  4. Darn. I seem to have triggered an OS war, (and serves me right.) I should leave uSoft people to their own devices. 🙂

    I have an XP system on one side and an Ubuntu on the other. I can move my cursor from one system to the other with the mouse which is pretty nice, (Synergy). Both monitors are cabled to both systems and will eventually be switchable to both for dual screens on both, (when I get the energy).

    My difficulty is that 1) micro/soft change everything every time, and 2) every second release is a dud. So I am staying on XP; an unsustainable course. Meanwhile, anything I find myself doing on the XP system is a candidate to figure out how to do on the Linux system instead. Slowly, I migrate. Eventually, there will be nothing left on XP except a couple of games, ehm, “simulations”. (And maybe by then, machines will be fast enough for emulation to run them well enough?)

    (I’ll say about Apple, that its corporate attitude to its customers is nearly as bad as micro-soft. I won’t buy an iPod or iPhone as a result.)

    Meanwhile, Linux just continues to progressively get better on a steeply-upward line, release after release. “Imagine a better world”. 🙂

    1. Haven’t seen an OS war in ages, k9.

      MS do tend to rename things on a regular basis much to my frustration ( and plenty of others ). Shame I can’t blame Bill anymore. 😉

      Win 7 is much better than the previous versions and it was well and truly due after Vista. On Word ( I’m using Office 2010 ) I’m not so sure it’s worth the pain of the upgrade. If folk do sophisticated stuff then yes but some folk would be happy with Wordpad if they just want to type.

      I did see a tech using Windows on his Mac and it seemed to be quite capable. Games would be a test though.

      Haven’t played with Linux since about RedHat 6 I think it was. After all these years it should look different. I actually had it running on a box made up from spares out in the shed. I used it as a firewall and it was so old it had an 8 bit card for it’s connection to the home network. When the card died I couldn’t solve the new card’s driver problem and retired the whole unit.

    2. Just Googled Red Hat. It’s up to v6.1 so my memory has failed me.

      I was using it before well before they went to the share options.

    1. It’s driving Liz mad. I am sharing the monitor between both systems but have different mice and keyboards sitting on the desk.

      Checking email is a challenge for her at the moment. 😉

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