The Naughty Friday funny–Um NSf now

I must apologise for this belated NFf. I was rather expecting not to have to produce one this week due to the Rapture, but as I climbed out of my bunker this morning, I couldn’t help but notice things look pretty much the same as they did when I entered the Nuclear shelter last Sunday. Except perhaps for the lawn being a bit longer.

Having not been able to catch up with the papers because the door was sealed (who wants to  be confronted by a zombie, or worse, a proselytising Christian trying to score a few late brownie points) I have no idea what excuses are being offered up. With so many predictions of the End of the World since the 2nd generation after Christ, I thought this one had a pretty good chance. With the prediction coming from the mouth of God Himself you might expect he must get it right one day.

But perhaps not. There is always the outside chance these chaps just make it up as they go.

I have no doubt these chosen ones actually believe the rubbish they peddle but it looks pretty clear to me they are clueless and those who continue to follow them after these minor mishaps really need a brain. Clearly their God has no idea, or at the very least, His supposed representative can’t read the messages. If that is not a good indication they are out of their depth then how much more of a “sign” do they need that their Priests are hopeless? If I was God I would smite them from the face of the Earth for putting my “infallibility” up for ridicule.

I was delighted to see a piece posted by Potholer 54 in which a US (where else?) program made the startling claim that “the Doomsday predictor’s had a pretty good track record.”

Hmm. How many Doomsdays have we had already? I can vouch for us not having had one for 58 years and I’m pretty sure my Granddad would have mentioned it if he had seen the apocalypse.

Oddly, I never see any Christians get airtime rubbishing these false prophets. Either they are just a bit nervous that their “Loving God” might just turn feral or perhaps it doesn’t count as newsworthy. I would have thought the media would love to see a fight between the religious so I’m guessing no one wants to go into bat for their own personal God. Considering how badly this reflects on all of the Gods, I think someone should stand up for them. With the regularity of the failed predictions, it’s probably worth a punt to stick your neck out for your own God and if God does front up could claim it was a case of mistaken identity. I’m sure He will overlook a small failing while he is busy killing off all us humans who have been bagging Him for years.

So I guess we dodged another bullet. Things are working out well in the Lucky Country. We avoided suffering an inept Abbott (another God Botherer) as our Prime Minister AND avoided the Rapture.

And now I’m off to mow the lawn. I guess every silver cloud must have a dark lining.


2 thoughts on “The Naughty Friday funny–Um NSf now

  1. Very comprehensive summary Pete and I can’t help admiring your confidence of expecting to be amongst those selected for enrapturing. Perhaps we can mutually comfort each other in this time of disappointment.

    “If I was God I would smite them from the face of the Earth for putting my “infallibility” up for ridicule.”

    There is not enough smiting done in this world any more.
    I would like to start a movement to bring back compulsory smiting.

    1. I’ve never lacked optimism, GOF. My favorite part of the movie Short Circuit was when the female lead said “I always new the Aliens would pick me.”

      Seeing as smacking has fallen out of favor, Smiting should be re-instated. I think the religious connotations should work in it’s favor.

      Smiters of the World Unite. There is work to be done.

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