My amazing iPod

A little while back I decided it would be nice to get an iPod to listen to MP3 Audio books on the 3 hour bus trips down to Melb. Rant: Modern hand held radios seem incapable of picking up Radio National out in the Bush these days which is completely at odds with the advances in just about any other electronic device. End of Rant.

To my delight, when I fired up my new iPod I was confronted with a page full of interesting icons so instead of just an audio player, I have a multimedia, web capable, highly portable device with a very readable screen. Having just seen a few iPhones and having decided they were well out of my price range, I was now looking at a very similar device which only seems to be missing the phone service.

But not totally without phone capability. I haven’t used it yet but if I am sitting in range of wireless access, there is an application that allows you to make video calls in a Skype-like environment called Face to Face. Amazing.

Then came the added extras. Off I went to Radio National and picked up some podcasts. You simply subscribe (free) to your favourite shows and the iPod pulls them down wirelessly. Grabbed a couple of MediaWatch vodcasts too because it handles the video.

Next item to try was the inbuilt camera. (It actually has 2) Click, and there’s  big picture of Liz having a Maccas latte. Good quality and just too easy. Can’t zoom to take the photo but you can zoom the result. Move the slider and you can record video. Here is a 1 minute clip on my YouTube account of some kids playing LaserTag.

I can’t speak too highly of the camera function. With my original camera I have always struggled and have never been able to get a good shot of the LaserTag arena. But with the iPod I just point and click and the darkness has not been an issue.

I still haven’t finished playing with the options on my iPod. I’m still to use Face to Face and I haven’t tried any games but the things it already does has me delighted with my purchase.


10 thoughts on “My amazing iPod

  1. Peter, I’m jealous! You got the new iPod touch! Is it the 8 GB one, or one of the bigger models?

    I have the 5th-generation iPod Nano with 8 GB, which was recommended to me by my kids. I love it—I can’t imagine what driving long distances was like before I got one. (Well, actually, I remember long stretches where the only radio station we could pick up was the Spanish-language one aimed at the Latino farm workers in the area. Luckily I like nortena and rancheria music.) My only complaint is the battery isn’t as long-lived as I’d like. I’ve had it poop out after six hours, sometimes sooner if my son is playing around with it. (“Don’t raise the volume on the iPod, dammit! Use the radio cassette controls!”)

    I don’t have a camera on my older model, but I do have the videocam, which I’ve never tried yet. I should test it. The video on my digital camera is acceptable, but not anything I would submit in a film school portfolio. I have seen some great YouTube videos that were filmed on iPhones however. They aren’t quite enough to make me shell out $500 for one, but they still are impressive. I can see why so many people are seduced into buying them.

    1. It’s only the 8Gig but I still have plenty of room.

      My camera is still better in really dark places but it’s rare that I need that.

      The one drawback is if I am a bit lost in Melb. With the phone I could Google Maps out of it but with the iPod I’ll need to hit the closest Maccas for the free wireless. Not that hard to find in Melb.

  2. have fun with your new toy:)

    i’ve been refusing to buy an iPod, mostly because the whole world is dominated by it – and partly because connecting to the internet is so damn expensive in NZ – my media player (with no internet capabilities) is a Korean Cowon D2 (five years old), a wonderful thing – beautiful sound, and with 8gigs and 8+ SD card capabilities, it has everything i’d ever need – and with all the trips we take, i’ve got all my music, books on tape, movies, language lessons, etc. on it (also recording capabilities for my bass songs – lol!) – but, should i get to where i must have the internet also, i’m going to have to do some serious research!

    1. One feature I think you may like is the bookshelf. The text is very readable but I must confess I’m also swayed by the first books I pulled down. I’m reading a Torchwood story that I have never seen on telly. It’s called Border Princes by Dan Abnett. Beautifully written and I’m blown away by the wonderful word pictures.

      I see the stories are from different authors so I might have been lucky getting this one first. If the others are of the same standard I’ll be stoked. It’s a tad darker than the TV material and has an interesting mix of horror and sci-fi.

      Now when I get held up waiting somewhere, out comes the iPod and I don’t care how long the delay is.

      1. I would like the bookshelf! Torchwood story? I’ll have to look that one up.

        My next purchase is going to be an E-Reader. That’s the thing – I’d want to be connected to the internet through that, so I might end up getting an iPad or something very much like it.

        I carry my media player everywhere I go. The other day I thought I’d lost it, and I got this horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I’d lost a best friend. Turns out, it was in my German class bag instead of my purse. lol!

  3. It’s so nice to hear that you are so happy with this device! It sounds really good!
    My MP3 is really old, too, but it’s what I need. Now I have a Kindle, so books are covered.

    Torchwood, eh? I’ll check that out!

    I have to admit, seeing all this technology come into being in my lifetime has been such a treat! 🙂
    Even when it’s driving me nuts!

    1. There are 15 stories in my Torchwood group so I’m guessing it is supposed to be episodes for TV but I don’t know how they are supposed to fit in to the series. I certainly haven’t seen an episode that covers this one and it predates Gwen’s wedding. I reckon I have seen them all but I’ll have to check.

      The size of this one also goes well beyond a 1 hour program and I can’t imagine how you could cut 4/5’s of it out without ruining the story. I suppose that is why books are generally so much better.

      I love the new tech too but have trouble justifying getting the new stuff. It makes it that much better when you make the jump after the product has matured. Folk who jump on the latest thing from Apple must constantly be watching it get upgraded and quite seriously upgraded too.

      I think Apple are a little bit naughty to make their first releases a bit brain dead but folk love getting the next big thing and sales suggest they have it down to a fine art.

      1. Googled it and discovered these stories fit in between some episodes in series 1.

        A bit like the Dr Who approach. Much more material out there than was ever turned into a screenplay.

  4. Re radios for picking up radio National.
    Sony produce a tiny “walkman”…(model SRF-S84) radio only which is excellent for picking up FM signals. For it’s size it might appear expensive ($60) but it does a superb job.

    1. Ah. I remember you posting about that on Vox. I must try one. The last unit started out OK but has lost the narrow receive ability. Now it gets swamped by ABC Local radio which seems to be packed with moaning talk-back callers.
      (and I live in a farming area so there is no shortage of complaints).

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