Fighting bigotry in Iowa

I received an excellent email this morning with a shortcut to a speech that deals beautifully with the bigotry behind the banning of same sex marriages. Sadly the short but eloquent speech failed to sway the legislators but seeing how viral it has gone on the Net, perhaps it will be overturned in the fullness of time.

At just on 3 minutes it is a quick listen right to the point. Enjoy and click the like button if you like it as much as I did.


8 thoughts on “Fighting bigotry in Iowa

  1. I saw this speech earlier on AlterNet and was almost moved to tears. But I think the “family values” wall is crumbling, not just in Iowa but all over the country: with more and more young people openly declaring they’re gay, it’s hard to find a family who hasn’t been affected by anti-gay marriage laws or bigotry. Even Dick Cheney supports gay marriage, for heaven’s sake—his lesbian daughter and her partner had a baby a few years ago, and he happily announced he was a grandfather again, with no qualms or conditions.

    I just wish Obama’s administration would put their weight behind the legal recognition of gay marriages, but he’s made it clear he thinks it’s an issue for the states to decide. Which is ridiculous—if miscegenation laws in California still were in force, my marriage to my Scandinavian husband would have been recognized in Minnesota but not in my native state.

    1. Things like this remind me that America has a lot of smart people but not many who are making it to high office. Sometimes I think politics is a big sheltered workshop that folk retire to instead of an old folks home.

      It’s odd that most of the Senior Cits I meet are relaxed and understanding of human nature but not the high profile ones.

      1. It may not be about leadership intelligence.

        Politics. Votes. The Religious Right… Tyranny of the Minority, and all that stuff.

        1. You may be right k9.

          There is a big disconnect somewhere between the Church, the pollies and the Voters.

          It’s almost like they don’t have a secret ballot.

  2. This is so good.

    I feel more and more hope that a lot of peoples’ thought processes are changing.
    Some never will, but more good thoughts seem to be flowing around the airwaves lately than ever before.

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