It’s the cake you don’t bake. The Chocolate Ripple cake

Xmas 007 In our house we studiously avoid the traditional Xmas cake being as it’s my birthday and I have had to suffer them when I was younger and times were a bit tougher. One year we had an ice-cream cake which was pretty impressive and on many other occasions a traditional Black Forest cake which (when made with the correct alcohol) is pretty hard to beat. But this year we opted for an Aussie classic the chocolate ripple cake.

This cake scores in a number of areas.

  • You don’t need an oven
  • It contains 2 essential food groups. Chocolate and cream.
  • It is cheap to make using a bottle of cream and a packet of chocolate ripple biscuits.
  • it sits well with a glass of Banrock Station Crimson Cabernet
  • does not waste space on fruit unless you add them to the top to disguise it as a health food option
  • doesn’t take up room in the fridge after Xmas because it’s the first of the leftovers to get consumed.

There is a downside though. You have to let it rest in the fridge overnight to let the biscuits draw in the cream but it is worth the wait. A little tip here. Like the watched pot that never boils, this cake does not absorb the cream quickly if you watch it in the fridge. It actually takes longer with the door open and it runs up your power bill to boot.

Now I’m guessing our American friends have not had the pleasure of a CRC but on the off chance that you can get a packet of these biscuits, here are the detailed instructions. If you want to get inventive it’s worth noting the biscuit is not overly sweet which is important to the success of the cake. See the second image for the half completed cake.


1 pkt of chocolate ripple biscuits

1 bottle of thickened cream

A couple of squares of grated chocolate

1 bottle of Banrock Station Crimson Cabernet


Beat the cream until its firm.

Put a layer of cream on the display plate (You wont be moving it from here until it’s served)

Stand the biscuits on their sides after creaming both sides

Cover the lot with more cream

Sprinkle grated chocolate over it (peppermint flavoured is a good choice)

Leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

Remove from fridge and serve immediately with the Crimson Cabernet. The best visual is to cut on the angle so you get the striped effect.

It’s a rich cake so wait one full year then rinse and repeat.

Sadly this Xmas I hyperventilated with excitement when the cake arrived and failed to blow out the 3 candles in one go. Another birthday wish lost.

Happy New Year everyone.


10 thoughts on “It’s the cake you don’t bake. The Chocolate Ripple cake

  1. That sounds delicious and easy.
    I used to have a recipe for Black Forest Kirschtorte that I got while visiting the Black Forest. I made it several times, and it was always AMAZING. Unfortunately, I have lost the recipe. Baroo!

    1. Easy it certainly is. I could even make it myself but the family enjoy the process so much I’d hate to spoil their fun.

      Black Forest is still the best of them all but when I saw one being made it was terribly fiddly. We used to by ours from a brilliant cake shop in Geelong West.

      I always thought I’d like to be a food critic for the Age newspaper but specialise in just cakes.

    1. I still haven’t sorted out WP as far as comments go. The flood got too depressing so I backed away from the email updates on other folk’s original postings.

      They don’t represent 20 years each just yet but not far short. The full 57 would have been detrimental to the cream covering.


  2. Happy Birthday – may there be many more!

    I made my mother’s Marsala “Cake” for Christmas – it uses Arnott’s Nice biscuits which I had to buy online – dunked in marsala and layed with cream and the same 12 hour wait! is a great source for we flung about Aussies – I will check for chocolate ripple biscuits on there.

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