Graduation for “Spending the kids inheritance”

I’m proud as punch to reveal that Kathryn has finally graduated from the Victorian Police Academy on the 23rd of December. Voxers may remember her from my blog while Liz and I were travelling when she wrote under the handle of Spending the kids inheritance.

If ever anyone was cut out to serve in the Vic Police it would have to be Kathryn. Smart as a whip and a stickler for doing things correctly. Physically fit too and a good performer on fun runs.

Initially she would have graduated in July but the discovery of a hair line fracture of the shin caused a 6 month pause while the shin recovered. That 6 months was spent in “real world” police stations where she gained an insight into what she would be facing when fully trained. No uniform allowed until graduation and no trips out in the Divvy van too. Which enabled me to beat her to being the first to travel in a divvy van. (But that’s another story)

Next week she will be getting experience at point duty in Melbourne where the new Grads get to direct traffic in the city and then off to Corio for 10 weeks to experience a rougher area.

The graduation took me back to my Air force days especially when they trooped the colour, something I didn’t expect from a non-military service. It stirs the blood to see this sort of tradition especially when you think about it’s original purpose as a rallying point.

So the training is done and it’s off to the real world for Constable McCarthy. Good luck and I look forward to Corio becoming a place of security and harmony on your watch.

Simon Overland. You have gained yourself a skilled new officer.


11 thoughts on “Graduation for “Spending the kids inheritance”

    1. Ta Snowy.

      Merry Xmas to you and yours too. Having a relaxed day this end but I wonder how GOF is getting on. Sounds like its pouring down up there.

    1. I have watched the new constables doing their training and most of their time is spent waiting.

      At least they don’t need oxygen masks like the Japanese.

  1. I wish there were more women in the police force, not just in Australia but in the US. It would change the culture from one that uses brute strength and arms to enforce the law to one where communication and empathy are valued.

    (Not that I’m being sexist and saying men don’t communicate well or have empathy for others!)

    Congratulations to Kathryn and to Corio for getting a top-notch officer. This must make this Christmas extra special for you!

    1. It certainly was HG. The best Xmas ever.

      And I agree with you on the approach. Some blokes are switched on to how folk are feeling but others are not.

      I was sad to see the new intakes have a lot of kids below 20 in them. I think that is a shame because just like Pollies, Police need to have some life experience before they start trying to manage folk in distress.

  2. Congratulations to Kathryn, Peter.

    I didn’t know that police did point duty any more, except when traffic light failed……or is this on those funny intersections in the middle of Melbourne where to turn right you have to be in the LEFT lane?

    1. I think it’s a throw them it at the deep end exercise, GOF.

      First day they left the lights working so the newbies had to assert their authority. Kathryn had to force her will on a cyclist and when she finished her turn the Instructor put out his hand to shake it. After all the sarcasm delivered to the others she was expecting a trick but it was accompanied by “Congratulations. You had total control of the intersection.”

      Now that’s a nice little moral boost.

      Oh. And I’m sure they worked corners with our famous hook turns just to add to the motorist’s distractions.

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