Wikileaks scores another hit

Aussies have been feeling a bit left out of the Wikileaks material but I’m happy to say this oversight was addressed over thebishop weekend with a reported conversation between Hilary Clinton and the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The summary of the comments was Hilary asking for the Aussie view of China and Kevin suggesting China should be included in the Global Financial market but weapons should be held in reserve in case everything went pear shaped.

Good advice you would have to admit. Bringing China into the decision making process is an excellent idea that lessens the likelihood of a military confrontation and having a backstop position is imminently sensible. A Government that thinks about options and outcomes is essential especially when Defence matters are involved. The lead time is just too long to be left to knee jerk reactions.

But somehow the way of Diplomacy is lost on the Shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Young Julie thinks this was an invitation to the US to prepare for war. How she has managed this is beyond my ken but I have to admit Julie has come up with some very odd ideas prior to this point so she certainly has form when it comes to making a dill of herself.

Aussies will remember her defending her favoured nation of Israel over the forged passports of friendly countries. Julie’s stunning defence of the abuse of friendship was to claim Australia did the same. A thought bubble that she had to step away from when all and sundry gave her a good kicking.

She also made a fool of herself over the Stern Hu affair demanding Kevin Rudd beat up China over the businessman’s arrest. Seems Julie thought he was innocent of the bribery charges without having any particular knowledge of the case. Quite a brave position to take considering how business deals are dealt with overseas.

But leaving aside her previous adventures, Julie managed to do even more damage to her cred by demanding Julia Gillard publicly state Australia’s position over the approach to China.

Come again?

Negotiations between allies should be publicly declared to China? While this might be a refreshing way of treating neighbours, It’s definitely not the way mature countries approach Foreign Affairs.

Again I ponder how Ms Bishop can still be holding her shadow portfolio? These sort of brain fades can be ignored in her Shadow Trade portfolio but in areas like Foreign Affairs, folk take a passing interest and if she keeps popping up as the intellectual equivalent of Barnaby Joyce, then the Voters are going to think the whole party does not have a “safe pair of hands” to manage Australia’s interests.

Surprisingly, Tony Abbott has been acting a lot smarter since Parliament has stopped sitting for the year. He cleverly recognised the unfair dismissal laws are the poisoned chalice for the Libs and let it pass through to the keeper. But this has been more than overshadowed by Julie Bishop being Julie Bishop. Normally you can get folk some training in areas they are deficient but sadly for the Libs, Julie is such a long way behind that it will be quicker to just bring forward someone with a clue. Hell, I’d even bring Alexander Downer out of retirement rather than have the party keep bleeding from Julie’s continual self inflicted wounds.


5 thoughts on “Wikileaks scores another hit

  1. JB should have stuck to the legal profession and stayed there. She’s such a waste of space in Canberra and embarrassing, too. Imagine her being KRudd’s opposite number… no contest!

    1. I’m sure it’s in her interests to be in the party but I’m not sure it’s in the Liberal party’s interests.

      I notice Labor never comment on her difficulties. Don’t rock the boat would be their theory. Probably hoping she undermines Abbott and gets the top job.

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