Some free advice for Tony Abbott

One of the lessons you quickly learn (hopefully) when you first get married is to recognise when you have dropped yourself in a hole is to simply cop it sweet and stop digging. Sure you can keep digging but invariably the hole just gets deeper and it’s harder to climb out.

Apparently this is a lesson still to be learned by Tony Abbott, or at least he hasn’t worked out it’s exactly the same in politics, but whatever the reason, it’s time to “take it like a man” and move on.

For those not watching Aussie politics this little storm in a tea cup came from a recent visit to Afghanistan by Julia Gillard who also extended an invite to the Leader of the Opposition. Tony was already booked to attend the British version of the Libs party conference and declined the invitation.

So far so good. But to Tony’s embarrassment, someone from the Sydney Morning Herald scandal sheet picked up on the invitation. A little embarrassing but still no biggie but then the trouble started. When questioned about the reason he replied he didn’t want to be jet lagged for the Tory conference.

Hmm. This was getting serious but could be covered by whipping out travel plans to go to Afghanistan in the very near future and indeed this was done. But alas the ego kicked in and he tried to spin some mileage out of the problem.

Any long term married men would have cautioned against this idea. In fact most would have backed out before the Jet lag defence but because Tony is a full on kinda guy, and doesn’t recognise his problem of not being very good at thinking on his feet, he went for Gold.

Claims of acts of bastardry and gutter politics were thrown around (dare I say) Liberally all of which came to nought when the media person denied Gillard involvement. Then to deepen out the hole just a little more, Christopher Pyne decided to come to Tony’s aid in an effort that even Barnaby Joyce couldn’t have managed by re-iterating the claims just as Tony was trying to back down quietly.

Meanwhile Julia has employed the Rudd defence by standing back and looking like a professional Prime Minister while Abbott chases his tail and digs in deeper with the media recording every comical sound bite.

Tony has now dropped 10 points in the polling and it looks like predictions of him sinking without a trace are proving to be true. For me though a question exists. Is Pyne making a play for the top job or is he just incompetent?

My money is still on Turnbull to take over the party and well before the next Election, especially now Tony is still worrying the sore that no one else even cares about.


7 thoughts on “Some free advice for Tony Abbott

  1. Well said, Pete. That grub never knows when to shut up. It’s all about him, so far as he’s concerned, and he just doesn’t get that the rest of the world has moved on.

    1. Frome where I’m looking at it Tony is the one time wasting while everyone else is getting on with it.

      If he thinks Aussies want him to behave like that then he needs a reality check.

      His latest disgraceful effort was to carry on about our soldiers being charged in Afghanistan. To me he is suggesting that they have something to hide and won’t be cleared which is an insult to our troops.

      I think he must be confused between us and the US system where folk can actually form a death squad and get away with it for months.

      If he wants support he should present himself as a viable alternative government and he is miles away from showing anything other than 1st class whining.

      The good thing is folk will start to realise things are tracking along well without Tony’s help and eventually the party will show him the door. In the same manner that he got the job.

      1. Unfortunately because he came so close to winning the last election I can’t see him being demoted any time soon…….I’ll just sit back and cynically observe all the shenanigans. 🙂

  2. I’m basing my theory on a very simple theory, GOF. When your polling popularity gets down around 20% you have to keep your back to the wall in politics. 😉

    Tony has started to slide rapidly (10% this week) but instead of realising it’s going pear shaped he keeps plugging on.

    Perhaps he will have a little think over the weekend.

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