The AFL 2010 Grand Final (so far)

image Haters of AFL will not agree and nor will the fans of the instant solutions set (viewers of ACA and TT) but I, for one, am delighted to see a draw in this year’s AFL Grand Final.

In a result that upsets the Corporate planning, this years Granny has ended in a draw which is a very rare event for the code. Apparently it has only happened 3 times in the history of the game and certainly hasn’t happened since football has been played under the AFL logo.

Unlike other sports with their quick fixes, the AFL goes to a replay so we don’t have toimage put up with the “penalty shootout” or a “golden goal” or even a “10 minutes extra time each way” solution.

Why do I like it?

Well for starters we get a whole extra week of footy but beyond that, in a game that has to bow before media interests, we have a result that they don’t control. The icing on the cake is for the 2nd sitting a lot more tickets are available for the grass roots fans. In the first game only 1,500 tickets are available to each football club. In the 2nd game it rises to 5,000 tickets per club.

The associated events around the game are done and dusted. The Brownlow Medal isimage finished so we don’t have to sit listen to the inaccurate claims of who is the “Best and Fairest”. Which also means we don’t have to judge who’s girlfriend/wife has the most available fun bags and decide which of the players got the most drunk.

Strewth. We might just have to focus on the footy.

I don’t know if the famous North Melbourne Grand Final breakfast gets a replay but if it does then the Libs had better find someone better than Julie Bishop to do the gig. The protocol is to give a brief speech with mostly a footy flavour, light on politics and humour laid on thick.

Either Bishop is unfamiliar with the event or she is still suffering from losing the last Election but whatever the reason she dropped the ball big time. I was hoping it would get posted on YouTube so folk could judge for themselves but I haven’t found it yet.

Julie, if you go to another one, remember Aussies are not that found of whingers and at the very least you should get your facts straight. Check the total voters number with the Electoral Commission before claiming “We was robbed”. Even Barnaby would have made a better fist of it.

imageSo sorry to those folk who want instant everything and sorry to those with weddings booked for this Saturday (I would have added a sorry for the bookmakers but that would have been disingenuous). It’s our sport and it is unique and any idea of copying the struggling sport of “wog ball” (sorry. Did I say that out loud?) I mean Soccer, would seem like a bad idea. Why copy a struggling football code when the spectacle of Aussie Rules is as popular as it is.

Oh. And Go Pies.


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