A Microsoft freebie really worth it

windows-live-writerAs much as folk bitch about Microsoft (And I’d be just as guilty as anyone else on that point) occasionally they really come up with the goods. In this case it’s a free program that escaped my attention until I went looking for an easier way to handle blog entries and particularly entries across multiple blogs.

Enter Windows Live Writer.vox

Now first thing I should mention is it doesn’t help my fellow Voxers which is a great pity because it’s much more manageable than the VOX Create page, but it works beautifully with WordPress and Blogger. Even better than that,  it allows you to create profiles for different services so posting to another account simply requires a mouse click on the next profile.

Having 4 different blogs and managing one where a couple of fellow Voxers have given me repost bloggerpermissions means I have the problem of 7 different profiles to manage. Before discovering Windows Live Writer I wouldn’t have even considered tackling the problem, but now it’s a breeze.

A real bonus with WLW is the add-ins that really expand the capabilities of the product. So far I have added modules for Maps, YouTube, and Clipboard Live but there are plenty more to choose from. The trick is to find them then test them one at a time. In other words don’t throw a stack of mods in then start testing. The modules come from various writers and are not guaranteed to work seamlessly with each other.wordpress

So if you are into running multiple blogs or simply looking to easily post to your non-Vox blog, have a play with Windows Live Writer. And a big thankyou to GOF and Ninja for their generous donation to the HorshamDirect blog site. I’ll be trickle feeding some of their material each week (subject to time available.)


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